Safe2Stay® are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Loose Women and BBC/ITV star Kaye Adams. Kaye is showcasing the Total Room Sanitiser and explaining all the amazing perks, as well as giving us a simple tutorial.

Be sure to follow Kaye Adams on Instagram and look out for Thursday, January the 28th, morning to see the Safe2Stay® products in action. Kaye has built up a fantastic fellowship across her social channels due to her light-hearted humour and very formative personality.

Kaye Adams is a Scottish Television star that has also recently released a new book called “Still Hot!” that explores 42 honest menopause stories that audiences can personally identify with.

The Safe2Stay® 1.5ml Hand Sanitiser Sachets will also be featured and demonstrated by Kaye Adams, so be sure to drop Kaye and Safe2Stay® a follow-on Instagram to stay up to date!

We are so excited to be working with such a personable and fantastic character like Kaye Adams, be sure to keep an eye for the end of this week to see our feature.


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