Our product is an ethanol-based sanitiser that includes additional biocides to give it extra strength. In the can is also a strong propellant able to ensure the sanitiser is propelled from the atomiser and creates the sanitising fog that fills the space.

Yes, one can of Safe2Stay® is an alternative to a fogging machine or professional sanitisation service. The can completely fills the room with a mist/fog doing what a professional cleaning company may charge upwards of £100 for.

Safe2Stay® does have biocides in that have residual kill properties but we have decided not to put a “lasts for” time stamp on the product.

At the Safe2Stay® HQ we have heard of a lot of businesses out there that are claiming their products offer up to 7 day or 30 day protection but be aware some of these claims have little or weak scientific evidence that can support their claims. The tests carried out are lab based and usually have little significance to real-world examples. 

The “up-to” is usually a good indicator the science behind it is not necessarily supportive and we do not want to give clients a false sense of security meaning they relax hygiene measures. 

We want to make clear though that our product has been developed specifically with the World Health Organisations advice in mind when it comes to ethanol based cleaning products and we have added additional biocides that do have residual and lasting properties.  

How often you use Safe2Stay® is a personal choice for you to make based on the people-traffic and type of environment you are looking to use it in.

Safe2Stay® is used by our hotel clients when a guest checks out; on average every three to four days but we have councils planning to use it for public toilets every few hours.

We have hairdressers, pubs and boat charting businesses that are looking to use it everyday but some will look to use Safe2Stay® once a week along with others that are planning monthly use. 

If you would like some advice based on the environment you’re planning to use it in please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

We have now passed BS EN 14476 which is a viricidal quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in human medicine meaning it can be used in clinical settings – It meets a medically recognised standard. 

Safe2Stay® also has BS EN 1276 which means it has passed as appropriate for use in places that are processing, distributing and retailing:

1) food of animal origin:
– milk and milk products;
– meat and meat products;
– fish, seafood, and related products;
– eggs and egg products;
– animal feeds;
– etc.

2) food of vegetable origin:
– beverages;
– fruits, vegetables and derivatives (including sugar, distillery, etc.);
– flour, milling and baking;
– etc.

b) institutional and domestic areas:

– catering establishments;
– public areas;
– public transports;
– schools;
– nurseries;
– shops;
– sports rooms;
– waste containers (bins, etc.);
– hotels;
– dwellings;
– clinically non sensitive areas of hospitals;
– offices;
– etc.

c) other industrial areas:
– packaging material;
– biotechnology (yeast, proteins, enzymes, etc.);
– pharmaceutical;
– cosmetics and toiletries;
– textiles;
– space industry, computer industry;
– etc.

It’s unlikely: Ethanol is the main ingredient we use and It is very common in lots of cleaners and disinfectants. It evaporates quickly and there are no reports to date of any issues. This type of technology has been around for a number of years so it is tried and tested but the need for sanitising products has only recently become prevalent in today’s markets. 

We have our BS EN 1276 which means its suitable for use as a cleaning product in many environments that contain computer/industrial/kitchen equipment but we do like to make sure we cover all bases: If you are concerned about a particular item, please speak to the manufacturer of the item or contact us and we can give you advice.

A majority of manufacturers choose ethanol (What’s in Safe2Stay®) as the cleaner of choice as other cleaning products such as bleach can pit equipment that is made from stainless steel and can have other adverse effects on equipment. We do not use bleach in Safe2Stay®.  

Yes, under BS EN 1276 Safe2Stay® is suitable for use in a food preparation environment. We would advise that you use it after food has been covered/put away.

Like lots of other cleaning products that contain ethanol, the kitchen should not be in use at the same time: No naked flames or ignition sources present at the time the product is being used. 

After the 20 minutes and you’ve ventilated the space, you’re good to go (or Safe2Stay®).   

Ethanol is one of the top choices for cleaning but should be treated with appropriate caution as you would with any other aerosol product.  

In a kitchen, it is ideal for end of day use to finish off your cleaning regime giving you and your customers total peace of mind.

Gold Membership is awarded by the Safe2Stay® HQ team. It is the standard the current market is asking for and it is Safe2Stay® confirming the products are in use in an establishment. 

The extra benefits of being a Safe2Stay® Gold Member are that each month you’ll get:

– A Safe2Stay® certificate for your premises that you can display for your customers, employees or guests.  

– Safe2Stay® window stickers for door/window displays. 

– Use of the Safe2Stay artwork for your social media and website advertising. 

Coming Late-Aug 2020: Gold Members will get to be part of the Safe2Stay® exclusive online directory: The perfect travel site for those nervous holiday makers. Among a list of great venues across the UK big and small, it will include the Sunday Times Country Hotel of the Year 2018 and the winner of the AA’s Glamping Site of the Year 2019/2020. We are very excited for this to be coming out soon so please watch this space and register your interest via our gold membership contact form

No, we offer gold membership to all businesses big and small. It is not about how big or small you are as an establishment but if you use our products as part of your regular cleaning regime and take cleanliness seriously.  

We have the 2019-2020 AA Winner of Glamping Site of the Year as a gold member but also have small individual holiday lets that are gold members too. Click here to learn more about Gold Membership.

Safe2Stay® is safe for use in a household that have children and pets. As soon as the room has been ventilated after use, you, your  children and and furry friends can return as normal.

Safe2Stay® can be used to clean nurseries and schools but we would not recommend using it when children, pets or anyone else is physically present in the room (whilst the fogging is taking place). 

Like a lot of household cleaning products, you should keep them away from children and pets to avoid any accidental misuse of the products. 

We recommend that you quickly leave the room once the canister is set off and return only after twenty minutes to fully ventilate the space.Click hereto be taken to our instructions for use.

Click here to be taken to our downloadable instructions for use.

It details a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to use the product. Below is a downloadable version:

Safe2Stay® | Total Room SanitiserSafe2Stay® | Total Vehicle Sanitiser

Safe2Stay® has been tested to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650 and BS EN 14476 which means we can confirm Safe2Stay® is effective against coronaviruses.

Click here to see a list of Viruses, Bacteria and Mould that Safe2Stay® is effective against.

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