The current worldwide pandemic has created the need for many more cleaning and sanitising products, hand sanitiser being one of them. 

Amongst the outbreak of COVID-19, the BBC reported that shelves all around the world stocking Hand Sanitiser were hard to find but what’s more effective, the traditional soap and water or sanitiser gels? 

Although the popularity of hand gels has been driven by the fear of the pandemicmanufacturers have seized the opportunity to brand Hand Sanitiser in a way that makes the size of them convenient to carry, have appealing colours and offer pleasant wellness fragrances making them very handy on the go.  

Hygiene experts from multiple health organisations agree that to kill most viruses a hand sanitiser would require at least 60% alcohol content. Recently many manufacturers have adjusted the ingredients in line with the World Health Organisations recommendations but is it more effective to use sanitisers or wash your hands? 

The Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, meaning it has a coating around it that some sanitisers can’t eliminate it effectively. Due to the uncertainty of coronavirus, it is recommended that you use sanitisers with 60% + alcohol content.  

Washing hands remains the most recommended and deemed the most effective method for keeping yourself safe: The NHS recommend that if you are in a situation whereby washing hands is not possible, utilise hand sanitiser as an additional defence, not as a replacement. 

Although once returned to a safe/hygienic place such as your home or your workplace, it’s paramount that you then wash your hands. When travelling on public transport, think about what you’re touching and avoid touching your face till your hands are washed or sanitised. 

The NHS has released a ‘How-To’ on washing hands, which demonstrates the appropriate measures to be taken. This advice reveals that using paper towels are the most effective way to dry hands, from a hygiene standpoint, due to the speed in which paper towels dry the user’s hands. 

Overall, if you are in an environment whereby washing hands is a viable option it remains the one to pursue.  

Hand Sanitisers are only a suitable alternative if washing hands is not an option. Furthermore, stick to the government guidelinesand ensure you remember Hands. Face. Space. 


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